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The Toulouse Oncopole is in Europe a unique public and private consolidation of academic, scientific, university, technological, medical, clinical, pharmaceutical talents with one shared goal: to roll back together cancer.

The Oncopole Association, chaired by Jean Luc MOUDENC, Mayor of Toulouse, and conducted by benjamin Gandouet, is in charge of coordinating and promoting the Langlade site (220 hectares located in the heart of Toulouse).

It brings together all partners and stakeholders whose activities participate in the implementation of this new division of excellence dedicated to the fight against cancer and aspires to become in the next 10 years one of the European and international leaders in its field.

The Association coordinates and structures the participation of partners and stakeholders regarding the entire project:
Pooling resources around common projects, developing of synergies between disciplines and technologies, strengthening partnerships between public and private research, transfer and exchange knowledge between basic research and patient care at the service of excellence, of therapeutic innovation and the improving the quality of treatment to patients, taking into account the social needs of patients and their caregivers (family, relatives, professionals at home): these are the major issues in Oncopole Toulouse.

Director of publication:

Benjamin GANDOUET, Director Oncopole Association.


Michèle Cherfan


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