Inserm Transfert

Founded in 2000, Inserm Transfert is Inserm's private subsidiary. Serving all researchers, it creates an added value at the heart of innovation mechanisms. It thereby contributes to: the health of patients, societal progress, economic growth momentum.

Missions Inserm Transfert

     - Protect and enhance biomedical discoveries from Inserm laboratories,

    - Ensure transfer to industry.

Inserm Transfert various interventions :

  • Inserm Transfert detects know-how and inventions with high industrial potential.
    It implements appropriate strategies maturation, intellectual property and industrial transfer, including through entrepreneurship, initiating the development of innovative healthcare products.
  • It develops business engineering, management research and projects, provides its partners expertise, supports and counsels in editing and management of strategic alliances for research, international research consortia or large projects in public health.
  • It works in close collaboration with  Inserm Transfer Initiative, only life sciences company backed by a public research company. Objectives: finance and support young innovative companies from the French public research.



Inserm Transfert key figures in 2012

€1.9 million invested in 140 new patent applications maturation
€32.8 million income from licensing and research partnerships
29 international research projects management
9 entrepreneurial projects
1,083 patents categories



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