Real Estate/Land
A suitable real estate and land offer

More than 80,000 sq.m. are programmed to host businesses, start-ups and research teams

The Oncopole offers a real estate offer that meets all the identified needs : technical research space (P1/P2), surfaces and local commercial activities, shared spaces (meetings, seminars, etc....).

Today, the offered real estate is structured around public and private initiatives on the ZAC Oncopole.

2500 m² of business incubation at the Pierre Potier Centre, are especially dedicated to hosting Biotechnologies companies in creation.

A dedicated real estate offer - the Pierre Potier Centre - ITAV  

The Centre Pierre Potier welcomes promoters and start-ups sharing a common space with researchers ITAV on a set of 5000 m2 in the heart of Oncopole, consisting of:

  • an incubator of 2500 m2 dedicated to the implementation of biotechnology companies.
  1. The business incubator offers:
  2. 8 lots of 140m2 including lab space (P1-P2) and two adjoining offices,
  3. common technical areas (laundry, 4° cold and hot room, shared facilities ...)
  4. privileged access to 3 ITAV technology platforms
  • ITAV: a hotel that welcomes interdisciplinary projects of research teams for limited periods. Under the supervision of the CNRS in a Joint Service Unit (CNRS, UPS, INSA Toulouse), ITAV offers researchers and businesses scientific expertise around three technology platforms in the field of Life:
  1. photon imaging platform
  2. bionanotechnology platform,
  3. biology chemistry platform