Clinical Research

Clinical trials - a key objective of the Cancer Plan II - were an essential step in the race against the disease. This patients-doctors partnership can improve the effectiveness of treatments, to find new and ultimately better care. A Clinical Research Cluster of "exceptional level", labeled by the Inca for clinical trials in early phase of the project is at the heart of the Cancer University Institute.


Oncopole Clinical Research - figures

With the gathering of the Clinical Investigation Centers at CHU Toulouse, such as Inserm, Institut Claudius Regaud, Centre for the Fight against Cancer, there are:
- More than 1,200 patients participating in clinical trials per year
- More than 150 current clinical trials



The patient - both player and beneficiary - at the heart of the project

Patients are an instructive source of information. Their observations, test results, how they feel, make them key players in "translational" research.
The Centre for Clinic Research of Oncopole, led by Professor Jean-Pierre Delord, current Head of Clinical Research at the Institut Claudius Regaud guarantees an exemplary ethical and medical framework of practices, as well as optimal patient monitoring, investigative technologies, advanced methodology and certified clinical practices (ISO 9001).
Studies take place within the IUC, at bedside or in consultation with the cooperation of informed and willing patients "recruited" according to their pathology.

Originality and operation of Oncopole Clinical Research 

The Oncopole, through its Cancer University Institute, brings together in one place healthcare, clinical research and basic research. The objectives of this symbiosis? Optimize research transfer, accelerate the innovation process to provide patients with increasingly reliable therapeutic solutions focused on a better quality of life.

Doctors at the IUC, both clinicians and researchers for many of them, share with the teams in the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse 4 strategic areas of research:

  • Hematology Oncology focuses primarily on the hematological diseases: leukemias, lymphomas, myelomas.
  • Gynecology and breast imaging :  Medical discipline specializing in the treatment of women genitals cancers of diseases specific to women. Senology is the breast cancer specialty.
  • Melanomas: skin cancer
  • Head and neck cancers 

This fresh perspective between basic and clinical research can accelerate translational research. Joining forces and human resources, as practiced on the Oncopole site strengthens the links between IUC and CRCT.

"Our research is at an early stage on a small number of patients. In case of positive response, the results would go around the world in one night, "says Jean-Pierre Delord. 
The benefits of clinical research have an international scope. In case a study's success is scientifically proven, the efforts made by a few then reach a much larger population.


IUC - Toulouse:
To present your patient's case , thank you to contact the RCP :

Pneumology: Professor Julien MAZIERE

Hematology: Prof. Christian RECHER / Dr. Françoise HUGUET

Myeloma: Prof. Michel ATTAL Dr. Murielle Roussel

Lymphomas: Dr. Laurent YSEBAERT

Digestive: Pr Rosine GUIMBAUD

Neuro Radiotherapy: Prof. Elisabeth MOYAL

Senology: Prof. Henri ROCHÉ, Dr. Florence DALENC

Gynecology: Dr. Laurence GLADIEFF

Phase I: Prof. Jean-Pierre DELORD

ENT: Prof. Jean-Pierre DELORD

Sarcoma: Dr. Christine CHEVREAU

Melanoma: Dr. Nicolas MEYER