EFS, Laboratory of Cell Engineering and UMR5273

UMR5273 CNRS / UPS / EFS - Inserm U1031 STROMALab Led by Prof. Louis CASTEILLA Deputy Director Dr. Luc Sensebé Medical and Scientific Director EFS in charge of Adult Stem Cells Director Team 2 - UMR5273 CNRS / UPS / EFS - Inserm U1031 STROMALab

Beyond its core activity, EFS leads therapeutic and research activities in partnership with INSERM, CNRS and the UPS in innovative fields such as engineering and cell and tissue therapy. Cell therapy offers encouraging perspective in many fields, including some cancers (lymphomas and leukemias).

Research on mesenchymal stem cells

Mesenchymal cells are found in all tissues. In adults, they are mainly present in the marrow and adipose tissue on which the UMR especially works.

Better understanding of mesenchymal stem cells and their functions in vivo in humans, how to improve the way we produce and use them? These are the various lines of research which focuses on the UMR. Their potential is vast and has many strong points in the area of cancer: post-transplant GVH, post anthracyclines heart failure...

Proximity offered by Oncopole between the various research teams will:

  1. assist in the production of advanced therapy medicinal products (MTI), which requires the provision of specific premises and application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  2. make use of technological platforms that address issues of stem cells.

This research indeed require very sophisticated culture systems and tools to put the cells under conditions close to the in vivo (in hypoxia) to:

  1. understand their functions
  2. grow or produce them in adapting to the therapeutic target.



UMR 5273 figures:

Today, it brings together 45 people
2016 : UMR will count from 75 to 80 persons, 1/3 of the staff come from the EFS






« The EFS research activities on mesenchymal stem cells have considerably developed in recent years. Several research teams have been transferred to Toulouse. Thus was born the joint research unit STROMALab (UMR5273) in partnership with INSERM, CNRS and Université Paul Sabatier. This Toulouse scientific ecosystem will be working at Oncopole Toulouse. The presence of the University Institute of Cancer and Cancer Research Center of Toulouse on the site also fully justifies our coming»

Francis Roubinet,
Director of the French Blood Establishment Pyrénées Méditerranée