ITAV: Institute of Advanced Technologies in Life Sciences

CNRS headed by Bernard Ducommun, PUPH

Innovation for the study of the dynamics of life sciences for diagnosis and therapy. Enhancement of interdisciplinary work in the fight against cancer

ITAV is a research laboratory offering in one location an interdisciplinary environment, technological resources and a gateway  to businesses. Entering fully into the spirit of Oncopole, it favors  scientific exchange, a real pooling of resources and promotes innovations, always with the aim of helping to care for patients.

This laboratory is distinguished by its scientific strategy focusing on original research and the challenge of risk-taking. It hosts teams with interdisciplinary research projects within two themes   : technological and/or methodological innovation in the study of the dynamics of life sciences and in diagnosis & therapy. Thanks to its location at the Centre Pierre Potier, in the immediate vicinity of a biotechnology business incubator, ITAV encourages and supports the maturation of developing research projects, accelerating the transfer for the benefit of patients.



ITAV figures:

  • Team: 41 permanent staff/positions and 21 people  hosted as of April 2, 2013
  • Area: 2495m ² (5000m² Pierre Potier center)
  • Investment: 4.4 million euros in equipment






Credit : P.Dumas

« The ITAV is fortunate to be at the heart of Oncopole, a single location that goes beyond the simple addition of skills and thus achieves synergy of  the talents of all stakeholders in the fight against cancer.
A unique place for teaching, research, innovation and merging initiatives so that tomorrow we can discover, heal and cure.»

DUCOMMUN Bernard, Director of ITAV