The common house
SOCIAL SUPPORT, human solidarity

In addition to medical impact, cancer causes a psycho-emotional tidal wave whose intensity varies for everyone according to personality, social and family environment. With all its partners, Oncopole meets this challenge with a social innovation program fighting, among other challenges, against social inequalities in health. Taking into account the human persons weakened by the disease and caregivers is organized in the heart of a "Common House", a place for sharing and mobilizing. Several activities are developed, coordinated, mostly by civil society actors such as the League against cancer Haute-Garonne.

A bulwark against loneliness

Daily care, intensive treatments, staggered rhythms ... Cancer creates many opportunities for isolation. Objective: Fight against loneliness and boredom by putting in contact with the patient interlocutors trained to welcome and listen. In Oncopole, a psychologist and a social worker collect expectations, questions and alleviate concerns. Their role   Inform, support and guide over time. Many services and supports exist such as the League against Cancer.


The National Leagure against cancer is a charitu association, that carries ut three missions through the generosity of the pubic : financing research against cancer ; preventive mesures, information, cancer screening ; assistance t patients and their relatives through the League Area. The seat of the County Committee of Haute-Garonne is located on the Oncopole's capus. The League continues its actions both on capus and in the various care facilities via its mobile unit supportive care.

Contact : Phone number : +33

Facebook :  @liguevscancer31


League Area  against Cancer : share, learn, relax

Welcome to a place thought for you...

Because the cancer disease has physical and psychological repercussions, the League aainst cancer offiers people with cancer or relatives of a sick person services tailored to their needs and free.

The League Area is thought to improve the care and quality of life during and after the disease.


Relaxation Area :

Socio-aesthetic treatments, reflexology and relaxation therapy


Fitness Area :

The area offers physical activity suitable for people with cancer.

Objectives : help them regain confidence in their personal vapacity and break the isolation.


Support Area :

Often cancer hit's patients with no warning, its impact is violent on psychological and social terms. To help patients go thought their illness the League against cancer has set up psychological support, social service coordination and home care.

Council Area :

In support of patients and their relatives, the League against Cancer provides dietary support, helping patients getting back to work, legal advice and information on their rights to a loan and other bank problems.

Leisure Area :

Art offers patients to escape the burden of disease. The workshop "Pause Couleurs" animated by a visual artist and a psychologist, welcomes patients and relatives around artistic expression, writing and reading.




«The national League Against Cancer is a humanitarian association registered as being of public interest, gathering 103 departmental committees located throughout France .
The actions of the League are conducted thanks to the generosity of the public.
The donations helped fund three social missions declined locally in Haute-Garonne: research against cancer, preventive measures, information, screening and actions for patients and their families.»

Annie Brouchet, President of the League against Cancer - Regional Committee