The RITC Foundation

The RITC Foundation (Research and Innovation in Cancer Therapeutics), established in 2007, is a foundation for scientific cooperation (FCS). As such, it is subject to the rules of public benefit foundations. It has an initial endowment of the French Government and recurrent allocations from eight founding

8 founders 

  1. Toulouse CHU,
  2. University Cancer Institute,
  3. INCa,
  4. Inserm,
  5. Claudius Regaud Institute
  6. Centre for Research and Higher Education of Toulouse,
  7. Laboratoires Pierre Fabre
  8. Sanofi

2 partners 

  1. Toulouse Métropole Urban Community
  2. The Midi-Pyrénées Region.

The RITC Foundation is the legal framework of a Thematic Network on Research and Healthcare (RTRS).
The "RTRS RITC", one of two certified RTRS in France on the theme of cancer, brings together teams of excellence in basic and clinical cancer research in Toulouse*


Accelerate the discovery and validation of new therapeutic targets and new molecules.


Coordinate research, encourage translational research, public/private partnership, strengthen international visibility of teams and training.

*Teams of basic and clinical research in Toulouse

The RTRS brings together a large number of researchers and clinicians from Toulouse whose teams are located on sites like Purpan, Rangueil, ICR, University of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier and Oncopole:

  1. 67 research teams,
  2. 15 clinical services,
  3. 2 industrial partners,
  4. 3 start-ups,
  5. Genotoul and ITAV technological platforms.

Means of action

To promote innovative projects, the foundation promotes research at the interface between medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, nanotechnology and engineering. It supports original projects not funded by other players:

  1. Funding transversal projects
  2. Support in projects set up,
  3. Support for young talents ('ERC Starting Grants' candidates support of the European Research Council for Researchers)
  4. Implementation of original technical platforms
  5. Targeted scientific activities
  6. Support for high-level publications,
  7. Theses program interfaces in biology/medicine/hard sciences,
  8. Financing missions abroad.



Actions since 2007

  • €2.7 million for research
  • 18 funded projects ,
  • Financial support to 2 ERC researchers ,
  • Postdocs, PhD students, engineers and technicians funding,
  • projects setup assistance (Labex CAPTOR)
  • LABEX Toucan Management
  • Scientific activities.



Supported theme

Under the influence of the scientific board, and of the board of directors of the foundation, different  themes were supported by the RITC foundation:

  • by diseases: hematological malignancies, melanoma, gastrointestinal cancers, breast cancer,
  • by mechanisms of oncogenesis: tumor microenvironment, stem cells, genetic instability, radiosensitivity,
  • by finding new markers.

Une scientific activities  proposed by the RITC foundation that organizes, alone or in collaboration with its partners, days of reflection and discussion on the subject of calls for projects to support the development of innovative projects and structuring research Cancer.

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