Some people inherit from their parents mutated genes that predispose to cancer:

  • Parents do not transmit cancer: it is not contagious. But a few more mutations in the cell are sufficient to cause the disease. Breast, ovarian and colorectal cancer consultations exist in the region: they allow to determine if the patient is from a family at risk.
  • A minor role. Heredity plays a decisive role in only 5% of cancer cases.
  • We do not inherit only genes! The fact that many of our relatives suffer from cancers in a family does not necessarily mean that we inherit susceptibility genes: lifestyle predisposing to cancer is sometimes transmitted.
  • Want to know more? Go to the  oncogenetic consultations - Institut Claudius Rigaud

Valuable prevention

Before all messages and prevention campaigns that you see everyday, how do you feel? : Fear? Guilt? Indifference? Repulsion?
What are their impacts on your behavior?

Tests are for everyone!

  • Detect early ... to heal!
    Some cancers can be detected before symptoms appear: Thanks to prevention tests!  It allows better care, lightens treatments and possible sequelae. Sometimes, those prevention tests even avoid the occurrence of the disease: the anomaly that could develop into cancer is identified and treated.
  • Organized prevention tests not to be missed!
    The French government has established and organized a prevention test for breast and colon cancer, two commonly affected organs. It is a reliable and inexpensive test that can detect at a stage where doctors have effective treatment. People over 50 are required to be tested for free. Accepting to undergo such prevention test is behaving as a responsible citizen!

Screening (sex and age)

For women:
- From 50 on : the colon screening every 2 years, breast screening every 2 years
- From 20 on : cervical, screening every 3 years; monitoring the skin
For men:
- From 50 on : colon screening every 2 years. Monitoring the prostate.
- From 20 on: skin monitoring